OMG, Alex Who, is dé nieuwe sensatie. Één keer luisteren naar het nummer ‘Summer in December’ en je bent verkocht! Deze dame doet me denken aan Amy Winehouse en als ze net zo groot gaat worden als deze legende, dan gaan we nog veel van haar horen! Check hier het interview uit dat ik met haar had. 

Soms kom je per toeval een artiest tegen waarvan je weet dat de sound in je geheugen gegrift zal blijven voor de rest van je leven. Dat is in dit geval Alex Who. Zij is Nederlands-Tanzaniaans en geboren in Wageningen, waar ze tot zij 17 jaar was is blijven wonen, daarna woonde ze in Amsterdam om zich te ontwikkelen aan de kleinkunstacademie en Elton John is fan van haar! Haar stem is zwoel en haar muziek heeft die warme zomermiddagklanken gemengd met tijdloosheid, maar geloof mij niet, luister zelf maar. ‘Summer in December’ en ‘Dirty little secret’ staan met mooie clips op youtube.

Hi Alex, first of all: Love your sound and the video clip ‘Summer in December’!

  1. Where do you get your inspiration from for your songs? Everyday life, just anything that inspires me in any kind of way…Being…something that makes me happy, something that makes me smile, something that pisses me the fuck off, something that excítes me. I can make anything into a song. 
  2. Do you have a lot of say in the setting and mood of your clips? Oh yes, it’s definitely a collaboration between me and other creators and lots of times it comes out so much different then what I imagined. But as far as concept goes, it always comes from my head. Definitely. In the first video: dirty little secret, it did come more from the creative team, but I’m learning as I go along and for ‘Summer in December’ that’s really something that was born inside my brain, because I already knew that wanted the seasons to change. I’m just really lucky that I’m able to work with the greatest creators in preview. They are a great team and they really understand my vision. But I am very excited for the future to be more in control of the artistic direction of my videos. That’s also something you’ll have to learn.
  3. Can you describe the process you go through when writing a song? That’s always different. It’s always about, as I said before, something that triggers me. Sometimes I write a song in ten minutes. Other times I write a part of a song in a day and it takes a year to finish it. So, the only thing that mostly stays the same with me, is that it’s mostly born out of an idea. Out of my words, I start with my poetry and that’s why, if you listen to my songs, you can hear that the music is based on the words and not on the melody, the rest of the song is built around the story.
  4. Do you have a home team that supports you? My family, ányone in my family is my biggest fan. They actually told me I should do music way before I took myself seriously. And my mom and dad and my brothers and sisters, they all believe in me só much. It’s really important to have that support coming from home. And also the team that surrounds me. The producer that I’ve made the album with and the people at Atlantic records and Empire records that have supported me from day one. I couldn’t have done it without them.
  5. What venue is your dream venue to sing at? Ooh…that’s interesting…. Of course, I would love to play Radio City Music Hall or Madison Square Garden one time. But for me, a smaller and intimate session would also be cool. I have to think about that one for a little bit…The round house in London, that’s a good one, because it has the feel of an intimate setting, but it’s actually huge and the acoustics there are great.
  6. Who do you want to reach with your work? (who do you have in mind when you write your songs?) Every time it’s a different person. Its always people near me…it’s been a lot of boys and heartbreak.  I have to be honest. Love and heartbreak will never cease to inspire me.
  7. Are your songs based on things that happen in your own life? Yes absolutely. Either in my personal experience or when I see somebody close go through something.
  8. Is there anything we can wake you up for? I prefer not to be woken up actually. Haha but yeah music gets me up every morning of every day. That’s the only reason for me to get up: just music.
  9. What is your favorite place on earth? I won’t be able to answer that question because I love every place that I am at. My nickname is Dandelion, because I blow with the wind and wherever the music takes me. I love Burning Man because it’s an amazing place to be, but I wouldn’t want to be at Burning Man forever. I love it everywhere.
  10. Is there anything we didn’t ask, that we should know about you? There is so much I didn’t get to tell you in this interview that I hope it’s not the last one. Listen to my music and then you will find out what I’m about. Listen to the words, first and foremost. That’s who I am….Alex Who?

Hi en leuk dat je mijn korte biografie bekijkt. Mijn naam is Monique van Bokkum, ik ben eigenaresse van Monique Magazine en werk als model, influencer, blogger, Editor in Chief, booker en producer, ik spreek, schrijf, fotografeer en maak reportages, interviews en doe eigenlijk alles wat leuk is en creatief. Daarnaast ben ik moeder van een zoon en leef ik life to the max, waar ik kan. Ik ben gek op reizen, dansen en socializen versus stilte, yoga, reflectie en natuur voor de o zo belangrijke balans. Samenwerken met brands is waarvoor je me kunt contacten via We zijn gespecialiseerd in advertorials, event reports, hotspots en shoots. Wil je samenwerken in de beauty- fashion-, lifestyle- of travelhoek? Let me know!

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